Artists We Love: Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof (wearing Leon Max Spring 2012) Everyone at the Easton Neston summer party was blown away by the loud voice within the slender frame of Pixie Geldof, the 22 year old daughter of pop legend Sir Bob, as she took to the stage wearing orange with her unsigned band, ‘Violet.’ Since showcasing at the Sanderson hotel earlier in the summer the ex-student and model’s band (they’ve got some catchy tunes, You’re Wrong’ is strong,) has already been gigging around Europe – “We’re big in Germany,” she jokes, “but I’m glad we’re not treated differently from other acts because of my father. It makes me feel that I am being taken more seriously.”

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen (written in reference to Pixie’s performance at Leon Max’s summer party in London)