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Caped Crusader – Martha Freud

Being British I feel it is my national duty to complain about the weather, but when you have a rain coat that makes you feel like a cross between a caped crusader and an undercover detective it is hard not to feel empowered.

Caped attire is a genius way of wearing clothes in maximum comfort, for they can feel as soothing as being swathed in a blanket, simultaneously cleverly highlighting some of the figure’s most flattering parts with well cut neck lines and high waisted belts. And whilst a superhero may wear his cloak to help disguise his identity, I have found it most useful to conceal upper arms that haven’t seen any exercise for a few months, and a waist that had a really good time this Christmas…

 Cloaked clothing is not only my weapon of choice when battling the elements outside, this season’s evening-wear includes dresses with a mono-wing, and even some cape-lets. The kind of frocks you would imagine on Mrs Bruce Wayne at the fabulous functions she has to go to as the wife of a billionaire philanthropist / superhero. Sophisticated, playful and high-flying.  

Product featured: CapeWool Draped SweaterWool Crepe PonchoPrinted Chiffon Dress