Couture 2014

When it comes to Rome its fashion and its historical monuments are increasingly intertwined. Diego Della Valle and Tods are restoring the Colisseum. Fendi is funding the restoration of the Trevi Fountain. So no surprise then that this week Rome’s couture season, Alta Moda, seemed to revolve around some of the Eternal City’s most ancient monuments. There were retrospectives at the beautiful La Pinacoteca del Tesoriere palace, a fashion performance in ruins below the Piazza Navona and Bulgari staged its event in the Tempio di Adriano, a monument of Ancient Rome that is a mere 2000 years old.

If Rome was all about the old, then the Paris couture shows which came before it were all about the new. Versace gave glittering sheaths with hoods for Lady Gaga, its star guest, and for dark and beautiful party girls from Brazil to Saudi Arabia. Chanel and Dior meanwhile gave its princesses and First Ladies sneakers that they could rep with Karl’s boleros and Raf’s slashed lattice-work.

But the big story of the week was the couture celebrity turnover. Day 1 couture piece seen on Paris catwalk. Day 2 couture piece seen on Rita Ora, Rihanna or Beyonce at the Grammy’s in Los Angeles. Now that’s very 2k14.

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen