Dior and I 

‘Dior and I’ – or ‘Dior et moi’ to give it its French title – is a new documentary directed by Frederic Tcheng that debuted at the beginning of this Tribeca film festival. It’s the first of its kind, really, a forensic, all-access look into the inner-workings of a newly appointed designer and his couture house, that of Raf Simons at Christian Dior. The Belgian had a mere eight weeks to produce his first collection – a couture designer would normally have six to eight months – and yet keeps his cool in front of the seamstresses. There are some fascinating insights into this high-octane world; when one of the ‘premieres’ – the heads of the atelier – disappears, we find out she has been summoned for a personal fitting with one of the house’s top clients in New York. And when the collection’s finally show in a Parisian hotel particulier fifty florists cover the walls with a million flowers and even Anna Wintour seems impressed.