Fashion Flashback

Gorgeous Lydia Hearst, heiress and supermodel, was Max Studio’s autumn/winter 2008 cover girl in a gothically glam shoot held in the grounds of Easton Neston. She was having a moment then – the great-granddaughter of mogul William Randolph Hearst – winning Best International Supermodel in November of that year. She was high-profile from birth, the daughter of kidnapping victim Patricia Campbell Hearst and Bernard Shaw, her mother’s bodyguard, who would go on to run security for the Hearst Corporation. She in turn would cover Vogue’s across the world as well as pose for Vuitton, Moschino, Prada and DKNY. She’s having another moment now in the US, as one of the team coach’s on Naomi Campbell’s model search show, The Face. It’s all about Team Hearst.

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen