The Frieze Art Fair: the only show where inanimate objects have a heavier security detail than the celebrities viewing them, loo rolls can cost as much as a house, and anyone can stand shoulder to shoulder with Puff Daddy.

French artist JR kicked off the week with a satellite exhibit that graffitied the floor at Somerset House with portraits of those passing through. The public lined up in the masses to be involved – and to ogle at his glamorous Parisian entourage.

Another installation that allowed for an interesting bit of audience participation was Jennifer Rubell’s self-portrait at 9 months pregnant.  Having recently had a baby myself it was amusing to be on the fetal end of the relationship, and a relief that exiting the sculpture is easier than the birthing process.

Of course, there was as much studying of the Frieze attendees and their attire, as there was of the works on the walls. Vanity Fair said that all the trendies are wearing tartan in the big tent – so I was very pleased to have my Leon Max skirt on!

Martha Freud designs and creates furniture, lighting and tableware. Much of her current work uses light to highlight or create depth and relationships.

Martha is wearing our Turtleneck Ribbed Sweater Dress, our Jersey Long Sleeved Top with Neck Detail and the coveted Wool Plaid Skirt, topped off with a Large Cashmere Shawl.