Get the Look – Royal

In England this is the year of all things royal (isn’t it always?) with the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of our Queen’s Coronation and the birth of her great-grandson, and future King, Prince George of Cambridge. So it’s poignant moment to release a movie celebrating the final years of Baby Cambridge’s late grandmother, the Princess of Wales. A new trailer for ‘Diana’ was released this week, a reminder of the princess’s cool everyday-royal working wardrobe, the crisp white Ts and jeans, the fitted blue blazers, perfect for shopping down High Street Kensington, going to the gym at the Harbour Club or walking through a field of landmines. But what makes for a 21st century working royals wardrobe? We give some suggestions.

For Tea

Charity Visit / Royal Tour

Wedding Cocktail / Fete

Stroll With The Baby


Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen