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It’s one of the last hurrahs of the English
summer season (and when it’s sunny why would ever want to leave for warmer climes?) “Glorious Goodwood” is the exclusive race meeting that runs this week. Goodwood House is the scene, and the stately pile set in the South Downs belonging to the dukes of Richmond, where a king once described the last week of July as “a garden party with racing tacked on.” Plus ca change. Royalty still comes but in the 21st century you might also be rubbing shoulders with a Hollywood movie star; Tom Cruise has been spotted in the Duke of Richmond’s Box. That box is still the place to lunch. 

But what to wear? Summer suits or blazers and a panama hat are de rigeur for the men. For the ladies, this is a more understated meeting than Royal Ascot which has a great spectacle of colour but where the dress code is far stricter. There it’s huge, super-size brims, here it’s pretty dresses, full head pieces or beautiful, more relaxed hats. And they’re off.

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