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Halloween 2011

This was the year the Day of the Dead went supersonic. In Mexico two days of ceremonial for the ‘Dia de Muertos’ is par for the course. For the rest of us one outfit a year is enough, with little thought of a thousand year old Aztec festival dedicated to a goddess called Mictecacihuatl. Maybe she was raising the bar this time? Maybe it was because it fell on a Monday giving everyone the excuse for three nights of partying (and three different costumes)? Or maybe it was just the need for a bit of escapism? Whatever. Everyone was far too busy dressing-up to care. In New York, for the social-fashion A-list there was only one party to be seen at; Allison Sarofim’s. She threw a ‘Cabaret’ theme party which brought a taste of the inflation-friendly Weimar Republic, and the Kit Kat Club of the famous musical, back for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Lynn Wyatt and Jamie Johnson. Bianca Brandolini d’Adda cosied up to a banknote-covered Giambattista Valli, Hamish Bowles channeled Marlene Dietrich. You get the picture. Downtown things were naughtier; Prabal Gurung was cross-dressing in heels (of his own design, natch) for his ‘Sisters’ bash (and sisters meant of the Kardashian or Olsen kind). Meanwhile Dree Hemingway stuck out as an original in a backless French maid’s outfit in a sea of Wonder Women and Black Swan-style ballerinas at the Boom Boom Room. Nothing terrifying about that. In Beverly Hills blonde billionheiress was the name of the game; Petra Ecclestone went for sexy Jessica Rabbit while BFF, Paris Hilton arrived as cartoon character She-Ra. That coupling? Now that’s scary. Meanwhile in London a derelict Royal Mail sorting office in the West End became the venue for the flash ‘Squat Monsters Ball.’ Invitations arrived with a text and directions to the secret location. 30 sound systems, 200 djs and 18 hours later it was time for it to be shut down. Even the Aztecs might have been impressed by that.

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen

Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan