Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!

Leon Max attended the private view of the ‘Isabella Blow:Fashion Galore!’ exhibition last night (pictured here with Yana Boyko wearing Leon Max) hosted by Daphne Guinness. For those who knew Issy, the great hat-wearing, eccentric, talent-nurturing fashion editor, it was a moving event, clothes seen on mannequins that had so recently (she died in 2007) been seen in real life. “It brings back all the things about life with Issy—all the fun, all the fights,” explained hat designer Philip Treacy, one of her discoveries (she bought Alexander McQueen’s entire graduate show and the launched the careers of Stella Tennant and Sophie Dahl), “she enjoyed fashion and was entertained by it, and I think you feel that here. I’m happy for her. It’s all as she’d like it. It feels like she’s been running the show.” The collection of Blow’s clothes, on the cusp of being sold at Christie’s and separated, was bought up in its entirety by Daphne Guinness who wanted it preserved for posterity. “The decision to put Isabella’s wardrobe on display was a natural progression; it felt like what she would have wanted,” explained Daphne. “I bought the collection because I couldn’t bear for it to be dispersed; it was her life’s work – her legacy. What better way of celebrating that legacy than allowing the world to view it?”

Contributing Editor Richard Dennen