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Menswear designer Kean Etro co-ordinated a wool-and-leather briefcase with a three-piece suit in wool plaid in his Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

For once there is something for the guys: three hundreds’ years worth of menswear has landed in Los Angeles. “Exhibitions about fashion have tended overwhelmingly to focus on womenswear,” says the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Michael Govan in his foreword to the book of his exhibition, “Reigning Men demonstrates that men’s dress has its own – in some ways unexpected – story to tell.” 21st-century Hollywood, this ain’t. Check out LACMA for a rainbow-like and glittering display of court and ceremonial dress, the 18th century frock coats of the London ‘macaroni’s’ whose wigs rivalled that of an unfortunate Queen of France, and the stripey tail coats worn in Revolutionary Paris as they were beheading her. Here too are the modern outfits of the dandy, the 19th century elegance of early Savile Row, the street in London where the art of mens’ suits’ has been perfected, the swinging styles of 1960s Carnaby Street through to a white, floor-length dress with a long, structured blazer from Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2012. Because, you see, it’s never too late for the man of the house to research some dandy inspiration for his closet.

Dressing gowns: on the left, an "at-home robe” (banyan) from 1880, right, a chic 1989 dressing gown from A. Sulka & Co. in New York, once a favourite of the Duke of Windsor’s.

The ‘Tuxedo’ got its name from Tuxedo Park an exclusive residential enclave outside New York. This jacket by Tom Ford is in a rich floral brocade rather than the traditional black.

Looks from the exhibition “Reigning Men: Fashion In Menswear, 1715-2015” which is at LACMA until August 21st.