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A London Girl Touches Down in LA

By Sophie Coleridge


Regardless of whether or not one has actually stepped foot in LA – the ‘City of Angels’ is already firmly engrained in the imagination. A fantasy place of yoga-pant wearing, fitness buff flexing, quinoa salad munching, palm trees a ‘sprawling mass of consumerist fun – how can one not instantly visualize a land where the sky is always blue, its inhabitants teeth whiter than white.

The set to chick flick moguls ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Clueless’ – Rodeo, Melrose and Sunset already feel like roads you’ve actually walked down before.

When this Brit did indeed arrive, apart from being faced with the fact that nobody actually walks anywhere at all – I was pleased that my LA zeitgeist was not just a feature of movie sets and heavily filtered faux instagram accounts; they are of course living and breathing aspects of normal every day LA life.

And as I unturned new stones each day – it was a privilege to wear Max Studio clothes – LA being Leon Max / Max Studio headquarters. Here is a small snapshot of my time, curated by Leon Max.

Heading Downtown one day, to shoot the collection at a rented studio location, I was faced with exposed brick wall façades, rustic rough-aesthetic doors and the latest technology in photography and media – the studio epitomized the clean and modern mindset of Californian living.
A small café, opposite the studio, was all supplied by home grown vegetables. How did they do this in such a small urban space you may ask? Using an ingenious ‘hydroponic system’, otherwise known as the Garden Tower. Like a cluster of white lampposts, water is circulated equally throughout, keeping the plants both hydrated and away from pests…no need for chemicals.
From the rooftop, if the panoramic views weren’t impressive enough, someone pointed down at the drying Los Angeles River Basin, casually stating it was the set location for the iconic race between Danny Zuko and Kenickie near the end of the movie Grease. Hollywood is all around, even when you least expect it.