My New Year’s Eve Look

by Martha Freud

“A good coat is the most important item in your winter wardrobe” – quite grandmotherly advice but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true! And with the New Year it was time for me to take a new look at my wardrobe. Not only because it was cold out there but with a night of party-hopping there was barely enough time to kiss beneath the mistletoe or take my coat off before it was time to move onto the next event. So a bold, fitted and unforgettable layer from Leon Max is what I went for.

My fail-safe party dress look is the classic little black dress; the perfect backdrop to some shimmering accessories. A particular favorite this year was the Leon Max keyhole neckline dress, the cape detail at the back cut with the softest silk chiffon gave it an ethereal look. And just as important was the pair of sparkly stilettos. They should be high and they should out-shine any Christmas tree still standing! And they have a practical side too, if it snows, the heel can hook into the ice to help you keep your grip.

Jacquard A-Line Coat

Silk Chiffon Keyhole Neckline Dress

Doubleweave Wool Cape