Otis fashion design has been an inspiration powerhouse for the world and Leon Max has been a supporter for 20 years. He was awarded the Design Legend Award at the 32nd Gala. To quote Leon,” it is truly an honor, and it is deeply moving to reflect on my personal and professional journey. Max Studio is a place devoted to experimentation, inspiration an problem solving. I often describe my label as a laboratory of ideas. While I look to tradition for style and elegance, I also embrace modern technology. It has been rewarding for me to find a similar spirit of discovery and invention at the College.”  
Maxstudio also supported the event as I was a mentor for the senior students this past year. It was my 5th time doing so, and this year I used the Mexican architect Luis Barragán as my inspiration and for my students to design with him and his work as their project. I introduced them to using architecture as inspiration and the simple elegance of the essential form and function of Luis Barragán. He is known for his use of light and shadow to amplify the color that truly is a part of visual stimulation and sometimes unseen. 
I am a proud supporter of this annual event, as all of the monies generated go back to the students to assist with tuition. As Leon has said, “ Otis students are socially and culturally aware. They are informed about the world but also profoundly curious about it.” I couldn’t have said it better. AA 
Contributing Editor: Ame Austin