1976 was the year the Sex Pistols released ‘Anarchy in the UK’ but it was also the year that two alpha males took each other on, and had an audience of millions gripped, on the Formula 1 track. The film ‘Rush’ follows that heady ’76 season with blonde bombshell James Hunt played by Chris Hemsworth and the icy cool Austrian Niki Lauda, by Daniel Bruhl in this Ron Howard directed, Peter Morgan written flick. 

There’s a personal connection with Easton Neston too, the home and design studio headquarters of Leon Max – it was formerly the base for Hesketh Racing whom James Hunt drove for and was sponsored by. Lord Hesketh, the former owner of Easton Neston (where some of the film’s scenes were shot), sold the estate to Leon. It was here, in the Stable Block, that the cars were built and the engines tested. Even today, on entering the Stables, you can still see and smell the engine oil.

With speed comes the girls; and Hollywood IT girl Olivia Wilde (an actress who incidentally has often been seen out and about in Max Studio) plays Hunt’s sassy rock chick supermodel wife. But she is certainly not the only babe featured in this picture; as Lord Hesketh, Hunt’s team manager, roars over the whir of the engines: “Men love women, but even more than that men love CARS!”

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen