A Stylist’s Musings

3/13/2012 12:32:00 PM

A Stylist’s Musings

The classic inspiration of the poetry between a woman and a horse: the pairing of energy and movement and like a woman, the horse is a mysterious creature whose power and grace have intrigued humans for thousands of years.

I met a dozen grey horses while preparing for this shoot and when I met this horse named Ice, I hadn’t known of his inspiring past film work (Water for Elephants and Narnia, for example) and just fell head over heels in love! I touched him and he responded in such a lovely and open way, I knew he was the one.

The pale art direction, not only of the ocean & sand, but with the one neutral dress needed his colouring. The result is a moment caught of a dream. I had found my treasure.  The diaphanous chiffon dress had a lightness of spirit, danced with the wind and the colour is stunning but not shocking.

Your own energy interacts with a horse, and our model Katia E. has classical ballet training and a lovely spirit. Their partnership was extraordinary. I wanted to incorporate Katia’s authentic ability to move with the modern romanticism and movement of the Collection.

The photographer Phillip Dixon is one-of-a kind, as an artist and as a person. He makes the magic happen! Which he did as he achieved to bring both the model and the horse in the perfect pose, at the same time. He paints with light and the end result is magical.

To have a desire to put beautiful things into the world and to advertise them, I feel that there has to be a sense of authenticity to the image. The viewer today is quite sophisticated and wants to feel as if she can be inspired by or to be a part of the image, which then makes her aware of the clothes she buys. She takes a part of that romance with her every day she wears it. Incorporating my love for horses and my adoration of fashion as my daily life raised a question: Is the relationship between a woman and horse any different than fashion and it’s loyal enthusiasts? 

Written by: Ame Austin