Look at Me, I’m Cara D

2/26/2013 7:16:00 AM

Look at Me, I’m Cara D

It’s week 3 of fashion month and Cara Delevingne, this month’s British Vogue cover girl, has clocked 30 shows. During London she went to 8 parties in 72 hours. There is no stopping the 20 year old nymph who the press and industry are hailing as the ‘Next Kate Moss.’ It seems she’s what everyone has been waiting for - The Anointed One. Whether it’s partying till the small hours with best gal pal, the pop singer, Rita Ora or hanging East (London, that is) with flat mate Georgia May Jagger or walking for Burberry, Rag and Bone, Oscar, Marc Jacobs, Sibling…you name it, she was there. In fashion week terms ubiquitous doesn’t even begin to describe it. Full of character, it’s the sort of artless, graceful, kooky, unmanufactured charm of this babe from the mean streets of Belgravia - she’s the granddaughter of the publisher and former English Heritage chairman, Sir Jocelyn Stevens -  that is bowling the front rows over. 

And this week it was reported she’s made one more enticing move - trademarking her name against perfume, handbags, nail files, umbrellas and…..walking sticks. Clever girl. What next?

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen

Cara Delevingne is pictured here in a designer evening dress with Leon Max at the 2012 Serpentine summer party. 

Photo Credit: Dave Benett