Mario Testino Exhibit: “In Your Face”

10/19/2012 10:29:00 AM

Mario Testino Exhibit: “In Your Face”

Could there be a better time to head to Boston? If Mario Testino thinks now is the time then maybe it’s a good idea - because where the Peruvian photographer goes the fashion flock is sure to follow. “In Your Face” is the first stand alone US exhibition from the world’s most glamorous photographer - from Kate Moss to Kate Middleton, is there anyone fabulous he hasn’t shot? And many of them turned out for the preview night earlier in the week. Joan Smalls joked of how Tower of Babel-esque his technique was on shoots as he snaps from one of the four languages he speaks to another barking orders at subject and crew. Gisele was there too laughing about how he was the only photographer who’d managed to get her bottom onto the cover of a magazine. Still, Boston did seem a perverse choice for the great Testino’s first US stand alone show. What was that all about? “I once did a talk  at the Museum and thought there was such a nice crowd. The director then asked me about doing an exhibition I was surprised that a city that seems to me quite conservative would be interested in my work,” Testino explained. It was.

“In Your Face” is at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts from October 21.

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen 

Photo Credit: Getty Images