Meet Me in Miami: Art Basel 2011

12/14/2011 12:35:00 PM

Meet Me in Miami: Art Basel 2011

Art? What art? If anyone thought that the 10th incarnation of Art Basel Miami Beach was just about the art then think again. Name after name swum through the rooms and galleries. Some of our highlights included the Dom Perignon Luminous party where the heavenly triptych of euro-fabulousness of Dasha Zhukova, Olympia Scarry and Giovanna Battaglia was the centerpiece. Visionaire Magazine’s Art Basel Rio bash was at the Delano and hosted by Cecelia Dean and Stephan Gan. Daphne Guinness and Cecelia lounged by the pool while The Misshapes provided the music and Adrien Brody glowered. (Glowering is back in right now.) Back at the Delano it was at New York gallery The Hole’s party where things were kept cool poolside with the hotter-than-hot band Salem playing life out - but as soon as the drink ran out artist Matthew Stone led the crowd to the Paris nightclub Le Baron’s pop up at the Florida Room. Down there it was an intoxicating Miami mix-up of social, art and fashion; Tilda Swinton, Erin Wasson, China Chow, Eddie Borgo and Marina Abramovic. And as closing time was 6am the most essential accessory was a pair of sunglasses. Hollywood got a look in too, of course, with MOCA showing an indie film from the hand of Kids’ director Harmony Korine, starring James Franco at the Sunset Lounge. Franco was a no-show but there was, at least, Henry Hopper, son-of-Dennis, on-hand to dj. Korine went into a forensic analysis of what it was like to work with the Franco; “We talked about it, he showed up, and we did it.” And meanwhile what of the great UK art collector Charles Saatchi’s musings? “Do any of these people actually enjoy looking at art?” 

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen

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