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Coachella 2014

Coachella is all about stripes and pastels and light and airy dresses or white denim cut-offs accessorised with high heels or boots and floppy hats, full make-up and a gorgeous Californian tan – no Glastonbury style mud and gurning over in Indio, please, thank you – and the parties.

Each year the lead party crown seems to be snapped up by the poolside brunch hosted by Mulberry. That’s the invite to kill for. Here is prime queen of the desert territory where you’ll spot the likes of Emma Watson, Lily Collins, Arizona Muse, Dree Hemingway and Cara Delevingne all in their natural habitat.

But which style tribe will you pick?  Will it be the Rihanna school of spiky Daisy Duke shorts or low-key Kirsten Stewart in tiny shorts, a grey vest and a dirty baseball cap? Did anyone say Coachella was about the music?

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Style Guide: Music Festivals

Music festival season has officially arrived! Find the perfect look to face the heat in style and comfort. Shop fashion must-haves for every day of the festival from flirty printed dresses to lightweight linen shorts and pants and easy to wear jersey pieces. Don’t forget to finish the look with ready to walk sandals and woodies and sun proof eyewear

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Street Style in the Desert: Coachella 2012

Coachella has closed. And with it ends the picture parade of floppy hats and flat Californian stomachs that gets beamed around a green eyed world, over for another year. If you didn’t make it, what did you miss? Well, the annual fashion five star party that seems to be rising aloft from the festival polo lawns of ‘just-outside-Palm-Springs’ is the poolside brunch hosted by Mulberry. This year if you’re cool, young Hollywood and you weren’t seen there then you needed a great excuse (shooting a movie perhaps) as Brit Its Emma Watson (on break from filming with Sofia Coppola) and Lily Collins cosied up and discussed the biz while Arizona Muse and Dree Hemingway listened to a set from Wild Belle. But this was the second of their parties – the night before at the fire pit party Kate Bosworth had joined a chic set that included embryonic supe Cara Delevingne and Sky Ferreira. It’s not at every barbecue that Kasabian walks on to do a set though is it?

But Coachella is about the music, right? Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg unleashed a holographic Tupac on stage which became the topical musical talking point of the week. That and Katy Perry’s new boyfriend; so keen was she to join Florence and the Machine’s entourage she hung off the arm of new boyfriend and Machine guitarist, Robert Ackroyd all weekend. “Back home, festivals always feel like an endurance test, it’s about surviving the rain and the mud,” sighed Florence Welch of the Machine in a refreshingly warm breeze later wearing a particularly fetching Swarovski-encrusted Hannah Martin catsuit on stage. For fashion, full make up, swimwear, high heels, boots, floppy hats and breezy sundresses were the form – and the mavens, including Rihanna (spiky Daisy Duke shorts) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in denim cut-offs and billowy shirt and Kirsten Stewart (tiny shorts, grey vest, low key baseball cap) were each sure to give it their own idiosyncratic and totally cool desert twist, paving the way for a summer of music festivals and poolside parties.

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Trending: Coachella 2012

Next to Eldorado Polo Club, in the desert outside of Indio things are heating up because – yes! – Coachella has rolled around again like the perfectly formed bandana of a music festival that it is. The bands have been booked (The Black Keys, Radiohead, Snoop Dogg), the party invites have gone out (what? haven’t  bagged an invite to the Mulberry or Lacoste parties? Are you seriously going to a music festival for a fashion party anyway?) and the fun begins tomorrow.

But before you prance into your SUV and rush headlong to Palm Springs and the first of week long pool parties at the Ace Hotel make sure you’re ready for any and every fashion eventuality. Because when the rest of your friends are rolling around the floor vibing out like wannabe flower children in their achingly cool outfits – do you want to be the one who’s looking a bit sheepish? Because you need to know that no one else is even thinking about the music yet – right now, it’s all about what’s going in that suitcase.

We’ve selected the fab four of A-list Coachella looks. Channel your inner Isabel Lucas (the IT girl of last year’s festival) and don the perfect pair of sandals and bright t and shorts combo. Desert colours are the shade du jour but a matching cardi works well – especially when you end up standing in the desert at 4am after a banging after party and you’re trying to phone a cab along with the three hundred other guests. (Not that we’re saying that’s ever happened to us). On day 2 you can step things up a fashion gear with a more sophisticated look, a short skirt and pleated top are just the thing to get the boys buying you drinks at the VIP bar. That, or a long maxi sun dress to keep things cool (style and comfort are both important remember). But if indie supermodel hanging on the arm of rocker boyfriend is your style then you need look no further than some white skinnies and blue shirt tied at the waist. Agyness Deyn eat your heart out. 

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen