27/06/2013 2:37 PM

What To Wear To Glastonbury

Flynn Roddam gives her style choices before she heads down to the festival in Somerset

Living in a busy city like New York, England can seem comparatively quiet and peaceful. However there is one monumental event every year that makes New York look like an old peoples home, this is of course Glastonbury music festival. It’s amazing that what is essentially a giant field in Somerset is attended by 250,000 music lovers and fashionistas every year, and I am no exception. The upcoming days to the festival are usually some kind of mad rush, my friends and I often leave everything to the last minute proving time and time again that our organizational skills are rather poor. Whether it’s deciding who to camp with or which acts to see. Despite this, seamlessly or not it all comes together making it everyone’s favorite festival. Glastonbury usually brings out people’s “cool and laid back” side, no matter who they are or what they do, it is very likely that by the end of the weekend everyone will leave with bed hair and glitter on their cheeks. Yet this casual unkempt

look is not as haphazard as it seems. When asking some of my friends what they would be wearing this year most of them shrugged and exclaimed they had no clue, however I secretly think that their outfits have been meticulously planned for weeks. You also never know what kind of attire the weather will permit, but if the sun is shining it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your pins and get a tan. No matter what the weather this year one thing I know is that I want to stay comfortable and chic. And I’m going to achieve this by wearing flowy dresses, structured print trousers and fun colorful shorts. When it comes to shoes needless to say wellington boots are always a fashion must at Glastonbury.

Contributing Editor: Flynn Roddam