09/11/2012 9:10 PM

Hitchcock Style Guide

The untouchable film genius is having his fashion moment. First, the summer in London saw the British Film Institute host a season of showing the entire oeuvre of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies. Now, two films on this ultimate director of suspense and blondes, the creator of North by North West and Rear Window, have snuck up upon us with the screech of a fiddle. What better a time to embrace the early 60s pep and prep of the nuanced Hitchcock style, all prim and sophisticat, well-cut and sexy twin-set and pearls. Sienna Miller stars as Tipi Hendren, of ‘The Birds’. Meanwhile ‘Hitchcock’ is an intelligent and amusing movie based on the making of Hitchcock’s horror masterpiece, ‘Psycho.’ Anthony Hopkins plays the director, with Helen Mirren as his wife Alma Reville – tired of her husband’s obsession with his leading blondes and epicurean ways – and Scarlett Johansson, Janet Leigh. “What if someone good made a horror picture?” he asks his wife, who wears the same white bra and slip that Janet Leigh wears in ‘Psycho’s opening sequence, in the movie. What indeed.

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