11/09/2012 5:14 PM

Behind the Scenes: LINLEY & Maxstudio

David LINLEY recently shot the Holiday gift brochure at the English home of Leon Max featuring the Leon Max/Maxstudio Collection. The two brands converged to represent the epitome of British lifestyle. The brochure will be released in October, and we have a glimpse of “behind the scenes.” In the statement below LINLEY explains why they felt Maxstudio was the perfect partner for their shoot:

‘LINLEY was thrilled to shoot their most recent Gifts and Accessories Brochure in the elegant surroundings of Easton Neston owned by fashion designer Leon Max. One of the most beautiful houses in Great Britain, the refined architecture, immaculately restored interior and splendid grounds provided the ideal setting for a brand which prides itself on superlative quality and quintessential British style. We were also delighted to work with clothing from the Leon Max ¬†Collection. The Leon Max range projects an elegance and sophistication which complements the LINLEY brand and ethos.’

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