Yves Saint Laurent

‘Yves Saint Laurent’ is the fashion film of the season and tells the gripping story of the great designers rise from 22-year-old creative director of the house of Dior to the inspirational genius who founded one of the most iconic fashion brands in history.

It doesn’t hold back from showing YSL’s darker moments either, a manic depressive whose rock bottom moments were kept from imploding by his long-term partner (and business partner) Pierre Berge, who gave his backing to this movie.

But the great glamour moments are there too, fittingly for one of the greatest names in fashion history, a designer who helped re-invigorate the Couture as well as making ready-to-wear chic. He invented ‘Le Smoking’ giving women the tuxedo suit. He was ’70s rock n’ roll. He was king of the great fashion quote too: “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” And there you have it.

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen