The Devil Wore Chanel

10/11/2012 12:27:00 PM

The Devil Wore Chanel

Every fashion editor since the ’60s has been considered it their relationship to Diana Vreeland - the great, the glorious, the waspish goddess of high fashion who coined the word ‘Pizzazz’ and changed the face of fashion editorial. She was the archetypal eccentric, flamboyant, tyrant who could give left field pronouncements from everything from hemlines to pink being the navy blue of India. Immordino Vreeland never got the opportunity to meet her husbands grandmother, but using archive news and audio recordings she has spun a documentary around the life and interests of the first pop star, in ‘The Eye Has to Travel.’ It was this editrix who after being fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar went on to rule Vogue from 1962 to 1971 with an cool, calm and icy grip. Gone were the dowdy socialites and in was Hollywood. Gone were the stilted, carefully crafted studio shoots and in were editorials from far flung, random corners of the world. Though she had never visited Mongolia or Russia she had done so in her mind. Her imagination was wild. Living with such a tough eccentric visionary may not have been easy for her sons who give a the documentary its personal slant, Immordino Vreeland may have been fortunate not to have met her grandmother-in-law - one can’t imagine her the easiest of matriarch’s to have grown up with. But then that’s also given the film maker some distance between her and her subject. A very fabulous one at that. 

‘The Eye Has to Travel’ is in cinemas now.

Contributing Editor: Richard Dennen